CPC PSS Project

Control and Intrusion Alarm.

Security and access control system allows to control
perimeter, gates, doors and different alarm signals. The access control
module of this system is an effective security IQ — series PCSC
controller for all time guard, preventing unauthorized access to certain
sites and buildings along the pipeline. You can take a precise control
over hundreds of buildings and hundred kilometers of fence, restricts
access to rooms (for weekends, holidays, preset time, certain visitors).
There is a possibility to receive special messages on failures of readers
and locks the door, to catch messages if a door opens too long, controls
the burglar alarms, and locks, or, vice versa, unlocks the doors (e.g.,
in case of fire), and to provide simultaneous control for several groups
of users. Special database stores data about visitors to a building or
security areas.

We use more, than 120 control units, which provide
high level of functionality and programming. IQ controllers with terminal
servers hold a central place in the hierarchy of different security devices,
used in the context of CPC Project. Every unit not only sends and receives
information over the network to/from EBI server, but also uses its own
logic for monitoring operations on doors, execution units (like relays,
electromagnetic locks and latches) and sense inputs. In use are different
categories of security devices: motion detection, window senses, fence
intrusion IntelliFLEX processor

A number of readers and a number of inputs-outputs
to control and monitor peripherals determine a controller configuration
for each separate site. So, IQ-600/200 controllers capable to operate
up to 6/2 readers. A controller provides handling of signals from proximity
card readers and monitors magnetic contacts, exit buttons at the doors
under control, and intrusion detectors. They have extra inputs boards
(SAM), which provide more inputs for controller.

Each controller is programmed in accordance with both
a configuration of the connected peripherals and a configuration of the
site, where it is installed. The memory of each controller stores data
of those access cards that can be used on the site. Controllers can be
programmed, reprogrammed, and adjusted from either a portable workstation
or any security system workstation by authorized operator. Lantronix terminal servers connect IQ to the network for data exchange
with PSS (Pipeline Security System) servers. The terminal server is a
programmable router and translator of protocols. It has RS232 interface
at the controller side and 10MB/s Ethernet interface at the network side.
A unique IP address is assigned to each terminal server.

Access Control

Access control accessories for a door under system
control include:

  • Proximity card reader
  • Electromagnetic lock
  • Door contact
  • Exit button

Electromagnetic lock is unlocked automatically (time
of unlocking is preset at configuration of each separate point), when
you are applying an access card to the point where access is granted.
Card number and time of card application are recorded in database inside
controller and EBI. An exit button, which unlocks the electric mechanical
lock when being pressed, makes possible to leave a zone under control.
Any lock can be remotely controlled from the PSS station.

Intrusion Alarm

The intrusion alarm system of the sites includes an
Intelli-FLEX (www.senstarstellar.com)
strain sensitive intrusion detection system, used for outdoor, fence-mounted
perimeter security applications. Utilizing signals, generated by the minute
flexing of a proprietary coaxial sensor cable, specific characteristic
intrusion signatures are analyzed and detected by a powerful micro-computer
based signal processor. The cables can sense any vibration along the fence
caused by climbing, cutting or otherwise disturbing the fence fabric.
The Intelli-FLEX signal processor has an output relay contacts.
We use C&K microcontroller-based
passive infrared motion detection sensors for indoor use.

Servers in CPC

We designed redundant system with one Primary and one
Backup server. The EBI Server software runs under Windows 2000 Server.
It handles all the functions that enable EBI to monitor and control your
system, including monitoring the quality of communications in the channels
that connect controllers to the server.

The server:

  • Scans security IQ controllers for the current data
  • Processes data for custom graphical display on Security Stations
  • Writes values to controllers for control
  • Generates event logs and alarms
  • Stores event data to be analyzed later
  • Monitors the quality of communication between different system components
  • Stores information about the system configuration

We use the following components:

  • Server software, including the server database
  • Client software (Station, Quick Builder, and Display Builder), which
    is used to operate and configure the system.

Station is a set of control panels through which you
monitor and control your system. Information is presented using a series
of displays — each display is a control panel that presents a particular
set or type of information, and has an appropriate set of controls, such
as buttons and sliders. EBI comes with a number of standard System displays,
but it also allows you to create your own Custom displays using Display
Builder. We created our own set of security displays.

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